Ant Control

Ant Control

Long-Lasting Ant Treatments

You can rely on us to remove nuisance ants from your home & garden with products that are the most effective in complete colony elimination. Ants often make nests close to he house under paving, patios, in walls or in plant pots or lawns. They’re attracted to food, particularly if it’s sticky and sugary – which is why they make their way indoors on the forage. Ants living as a group and set up colonies in natural holes to highly organized colonies that may occupy large numbers consist of millions of ants. Larger colonies consist of various castes of sterile, wingless females, most of which are workers ants, as well as soldier ants and other specialized groups.

Our pest control treatments target the nest by using non-repellent treatments that are undetectable. Ants will continue to trail through treated areas and unknowingly transfer the chemicals on to other ants through physical contact, much like a virus in humans. This method of treatment provides long-lasting ant control in Dubai

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